What A Week – The Bathroom

That was one really, really long week.  Major operations have ceased and Angie is taking care of touch up work as I type this.  I have to say thanks to my parents for coming up and lending a hand and to my sister Sarah who fielded call after call about tiling.

Working with my dad for a week was… an experience.  On one hand, when he said our new framing should be 60″ wall-to-wall, it was.  On the other, he didn’t hesitate to clean his pipe out on my jointer even after he sang praise upon praise about its quality.  At any rate, I think I picked up a few tricks throughout the project (all of which I wish I had when I started the basement) and he got a few decent tools for free, so I think we evened out a bit.

Now I have to get back on some sort of schedule and get back to a routine.  Angie has been on an extremely easy rotation so my “Will” duties have been pretty non-existent the last few weeks and during the remodel I don’t think I went to bed before midnight one night.  At this point though, I would be happy to just not eat fast food for a little while.

Look to the pictures for more information on the remodel, I am going to start adding comments in a minute.

Oh I also have to say thanks to my Wife for putting up with such a messy house and my generally poor attitude all week.

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5 Responses to What A Week – The Bathroom

  1. Sara Inskeep says:

    The bathroom looks great! Nice work!

  2. Jonny Rocket says:

    Thanks Sara. I only wish my wife would give me an official compliment.

  3. wife says:

    I love our new bathroom–what do you mean i haven’t given you a compliment? You did a great job and I’m much happier when I go potty than I used to be staring at that hideous tiny crapola bathroom…

  4. Liz says:

    Wow Jon, the bathroom looks great!! I love the tile work on the floor and the blue looks really good with the white tile!

  5. Jonny Rocket says:

    Thanks Liz!

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