Weekend Update

One thing I am learning about home improvement, you have to have a plan for the trash you will create.  I had been gearing up for the semi-annual neighborhood clean up (you basically get to rid yourself of a ton of trash for very little money) for a few weeks.  I brought things up from the basement, arranged things in the garage and got it all packed into a big trailer.  It was great, just a few hours of work and suddenly my garage was empty again and there was room to move around.

In retrospect, I should have done a better job of cleaning the basement.  I went down there last night to finally start working on it again and spent a good hour cleaning the place up.  I easily have another truck load of junk to toss out, but there isn’t another clean up until September.  I may not have to wait until the clean up though…

After the clean up on Saturday, while I still had help and a trailer, I was able to finish cleaning up some rock, sand, and concrete.  My friend and I got it put into large trash cans and loaded it on to the trailer for a little drive into the country.  I had heard about this place where you can dump stuff like this (because almost everyone won’t take sand and/or rock) and I had visited the place before but never actually used their services.   This place is pretty “unique,” to put it nicely.  The owner must own a few good sides acres and they are just filled with junk.  Driving up to his house is like driving through a junk yard, in fact, that is exactly what it is, a yard full of junk.  You might be thinking you understand, but you have to imagine the scale of this junk.  There were probably 20-30 cars buried in grass, big salt trucks wedged between trees and all kinds of rusted out heavy machinery.  After you pay the guy your nominal fee, he directs you were to dump your stuff and then you get to the really interesting part of the property, the rock mountains.  Just off one of the major highways and nicer neighborhoods in Twin Cities area, tucked behind a few wells placed trees are massive pits and piles of, well everything you can imagine.  There are piles of concrete, asphalt, rock, sand, construction waste, and more rock.  Massive land moving machines sit idle in their own rust and weird roads wind around all the piles, so you can add your own piece to the pile.

It was strange to say the least.  Nevertheless, it was money well spent.  I now have both sides of my garage cleaned up along with the inside.  I may have to visit the guy again and ask what else he will take, I may need to rid myself of some shingles very shortly here.

In other news and mostly just to document the event, I rode the Ironman the last weekend of April.  I chose the 66 mile route, which ended up to be more like 64-65 miles and averaged 17.3 mph through the ride.  I rode with a guy I used to work with and some of his friends.  The plan was for a nice easy ride, but the nice weather and some time constraints had someone pushing the pace the entire time.  I burnt out at about 63 miles and limped back to the cars, but I felt good having not done a distance like that in a few years.

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