Well, it has been 3 weeks since Finn was born which means Angie is almost half way through her leave. I am ever so slightly nervous for her to go back to work as I am just now realizing I will have to give Finn his bottles all day. I told Will and Leo things are going to get real Spartan around here when Mom goes back to work.

I’ve undertaken a big effort to move all the photos off the old Gallery system I’ve been using for years. Gallery has just become too big and too much of a hassle to update and I was sick of finding little errors everywhere. I’ve moved a few of the albums, but the vast majority are still in transition. Eventually they will all be done though and then I can move on to other things like updating the current theme on the site. For years I’ve used the Blix theme, but it has become really outdated. Now I am just using the default wordpress theme which seems to be fine. Its much better than the old default, so I will probably just change out the top image. It was probably time to change that anyway since I have 3 boys now and not just Will.

In other site related stuff, I think I am going to start posting more on my ww’ing projects. Its really the only interesting thing I do anymore. Right now I am building bunk beds for Will and Leo. This year I’ve finished my Windsor chair, a train table for Will, a book shelf for a friend and refinished an old dresser I pulled out of Nelson’s shop. After all that finishing work, I was ready to make some sawdust again.

I’ve had the poplar for the beds since November. The boards were 12′ long and made such a big stack, I couldn’t get anything done in the shop with them there. So I put them in my bedroom… I was amazed I got away with it this long. At any rate, I planned to just build one bed. Then I cut up what I needed and found that I had plenty of lumber for two beds and probably a ladder and guard rail for bunks. At the time, it seemed easier to just build both the beds at the same time so I could make sure they were the same size and actually worked when stacked. It does mean there is twice as much lumber to mill, twice as many joints to cut, twice as many boards to sand, etc. Luckily the beds are pretty simple, so the sanding and finishing should go pretty fast.

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