The Last Post

No, it is not the last post of, but given how often I’ve been posting, I could see how someone would think of that. We knew that 2009 was going to be a busy year and I think it lived up to the hype. Angie and I have been recounting the year all day and I am still amazed it was just 2009 Leo was born, Match day finally came, sold the house, moved, started residency and a new business, and generally settled back into Indiana.

I have been busy out in the shop making furniture and generally enjoying not walking through a half finished basement. Angie has kept busy with residency, but has been enjoying having the last week of the year off. Will made it through one Christmas and is gearing up for the next one in a few days and poor Leo is recovering from having tubes put in his ears early this morning.

I am not even going to attempt to recount the prior months here, but I am going to list out my resolutions for ’10:

1) Get back in shape. I know I say this along with about 1 billion other people, but I have given up all soda (for months now), which was phase one, now it is time to kick in the exercise again. I am not sure I will reach my wedding weight when I was riding 150 miles a week, but I’d like to get half way there.
2) Go camping. This was a summer goal, but poor planning on our part never made it happen. Leo will be a bit older, so it might be more fun for the whole family.
3) Post to niblet at least once a month (we actually do rely on it heavily when we’re trying to figure out what we did with Will at certain ages).
4) From Angie: Try more ethnic foods (count this one as a failure from the start).

So there we go, some easy goals. I’d also like to add, complete all the tool projects in the shop, build all the furniture I have planned and make a billion dollars, but I am trying to be realistic.

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