The Calm

Since Angie is studying for her final final and Will is soundly asleep on her, I thought I’d write up a little something. For the first time I can remember, I won’t be eating Thanksgiving at my Grandma’s house. I think Angie and I are both a little sad about it, but I know I won’t miss the drive and Thanksgiving traffic. I took the next two days off of work and I will be spending the bulk of the time in the basement. Yep over the next few days there will be major, major changes. Then I will have all of first weekend of Dec to work on the never ending project too. By Dec 3rd, I am hoping to be painting, or at least priming. Now as far as what needs to be done, as I told a friend, there is a little framing left, a little electrical, a little plumbing, a little insulating, and a little cleaning. In short, a little of everything needs to be done and in other words, it means that nothing is done, yet…

Now other than the basement, I have been consumed with some geek stuff. Since I know that most that read this site don’t care about that kind of thing and even my geek-enabled friends don’t really care, I am going to save you the trouble of reading my ramblings. Suffice it to say, I love MythTV. I have also come across some Black Friday sale flyers and I will be picking up a few new hard drives for all my recordings (which consist mostly of New Yankee Workshop and Good Eats episodes).

If that weren’t enough, I have had my eye on a Canon Digital Rebel XT. They’ve come down in price, and although I hate to admit it, looking at sample photos from the camera kinda makes me drool like Hank watching me eat. I swore if I got promoted, I would buy it. Well I got promoted, but I don’t know what my raise will be. They may come back and just tell me “Oh its just a ‘paper’ promotion.”

Okay enough of all that tech stuff. Just a note to the regulars that read this site. Say something! Anything! I get so excited when I get a comment, I go and run the statistics for the site which have been heavily moved because of, well you can guess:

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3 Responses to The Calm

  1. Laura says:

    you all will be missed over Thanksgiving. It will be short on our family, just me, liz and matt?, will be representing. See you at Christmas though! Tell Will I said whats up

  2. Wife says:

    Have you ever thought that maybe people don’t really like us, they only like Will?? No one cared about us until April!

  3. Jonny Rocket says:

    It crossed my mind, but I couldn’t figure how people could not like us.

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