I feel like Christmas is right around the corner now with almost everything purchased and ready to go for the bathroom makeover.  Every time I go in the bathroom, all I can think about is how it might be the last time I have to look at the ugliness, someone else’s sloppy work, and the hole I put in the wall so long ago.  I am actually looking forward to working with my dad too.  I was kind of flying blind with most of the basement and I often had to learn to do things the hard way, so I am hoping he can teach me a few tricks of the trade.  There will be a little of everything to do, some plumbing, some framing (that is kind of a maybe), drywalling, tiling (although I am not sure if he’s tiled before), and general finish and trim work.  I need to start making a list of questions to ask him about when he is here, so I can better explain things.

I am not sure I have gone to bed before 11:30 in the last two weeks as I have been really busy out in the garage trying to get it cleaned up and trying to get more projects done.  I was really hoping to have the Unisaw together and running before my parents came down, but that deadline is fading.  If I have a few nights to work while they’re here, I might finish it up.

I have to kind of laugh about what it will be like someday when I am out of this house and in a different one.  That day is quickly approaching, but I am wondering if the pressure I put on myself to get projects done will be any less.  I have long felt the looming deadline of Angie’s residency as the drop dead date for projects.  I tried multitasking on the projects, but that just seems to lead to bigger messes and more delays.  I can feel myself saying things like “If I can just get the garage sheeted, then this big pile of OSB will be out of the garage and I can do this, this, and this.”  The reality is I just need to scratch something, anything, off the list.  That, I think, is the real essence of my excitement for my dad visiting.  I want the bathroom DONE, not 90% with some finishing touches, because I will never get to those, I want it done completely.  If there is down time, like waiting for something to dry or whatever, hopefully we can knock off a few other small things.

Oh, and we took Will to Como Town on Sunday and he rode a few rides by himself (yep he is almost a man) and it was a hoot watching him.  He took his car ride very seriously and loved riding the train so much he cried when Angie took him off.  Of course, I totally dropped the ball and forgot the camera at home.

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