Well boy #3 is on the way and I figured with the holidays and all, it is probably time to get another post up. Angie is due in late March and her sister will be delivering the first girl on that side in something like 17 years. My brother, on the other hand, is well on his way to having twin girls, which will bring him to a total of 3 girls and a boy.

Leo’s speech has taken off in recent weeks and he seems to add 2-3 words a day. He certainly understands more than he can speak and sometimes he gets to talking so much I am not sure he even knows what he is saying. He is in love with Hank and almost any other animal that will tolerate his abuse.

Will is still Will. Smarter than the average bear and ready for kindergarten already. We got the elf on the shelf for him this year and I am not so sure he really believes it, but he does enjoy looking for it every morning. His Christmas list is about a mile long, but luckily he is young enough he won’t remember any of it come Christmas morning.

Angie is half way through her 2nd year of residency and already feels like she is about to pop from the pregnancy. I think she forgets how much bigger she will get in the last trimester, but I don’t try and remind her.

That’s all for now. I need to do some clean up on the site since everything changed over. I am planning to go back to posting once a week too.

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