Off to School

We’re coming to the end of the first week of school for Will.  He’s only gone for 3 hours in the afternoon, so we don’t get much of a change to miss him before we’re back to pick him up.  In fact, the most stressful part of the whole thing is the pick up.  They have everyone that is picking up load into the parking lot and then they shut the gates so no more cars can come enter.  At that point, they release the kids and everyone loads into the cars and then we all wait to be released.  It isn’t too bad, but when Finn gets worked up, a 5 minute wait to exit can become stressful.

Will is rather independent and hasn’t ever had much trouble adjusting to new things.  A few weeks ago he attended Lego Camp with kids he’d never met and just strolled into the room like he’d done it a million times before.  Kindergarten was much the same.  In fact, as I waited a few moments to see if Angie would be able to make his first drop off he turned to me and said “Okay Dad, you can leave.”  He only seems to mind going someplace after school because he thinks everyone will ask him about his uniform.

If possible, Leo has turned into a bigger goof ball.  He is talking a lot more, longer sentences and bigger words, and his volume has increased with his vocabulary.  Trying to get Leo to quiet down in the car while Finn is sleeping is like trying to get Will to not watch TV when its on.  Its basically impossible.

Leo hasn’t quite learned to take a little criticism yet.  Usually when I ask him not to do something or I say no to something he asks, I get the whiny, fussy face.  At least around me, he has learned to hold back the big sob, but he cuts loose around Angie because he knows he can play her guilt.  On the whole though, he reminds me a lot of Will at that age, into firetrucks, police cars, airplanes, sharks, cars, tigers, lions, and books.  I am not sure what I will do if I ever have a girl.

Finn is basically crawling, and basically talking, and basically ready to eat food.  He moves around so much on the floor when I put him down, I swear Will is helping him.  I think has learned to roll so quickly, you don’t notice it unless you are watching him.  He can also push with his feet and more or less push himself a few inches forward at a time.  I have a feeling he will be extremely eager to explore when he gets up on his knees in the next few months.

A few times Finn has managed to copy a “hi,” but mostly he likes to copy screams.  You can see him think about it, trying to get his lips and tongue to work together correctly, and eek out a little shriek.  Mostly though, Finn smiles.  Big smiles.  Kick your legs kind of smiles.  Sometimes it is impossible to change his diaper because he gets so excited about it.

For the sake of prosperity, I have to mention whenever and wherever I go with the boys, someone will always say, “you’ve got your hands full.”  Usually I have Finn’s car seat hooked in one arm, hold Leo’s hand with the other and telling Will to stay with me and stop running ahead.  Its one of those things that doesn’t bother you, but it seems like a trip to Target isn’t complete without hearing it from someone.

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