My Month

In honor of Scrubs, I am seriously considering titling all future posts “My something or other”.  I actually spent probably 20 minutes thinking of the above.  How do you convey all that has happened in the last month in a succinct, interesting title.  My Month, was about as good as I could come up with.  Unfortunately, I slightly predicting that I will probably only post once a month for the remainder of the year, which is sad given what type of year this will be.  Obviously Leo was born, now our house is on the market, Angie will match for residency and likely move us out of state, I will change jobs at that point, and then of course, we’ll hope to get another house.  Lots to do, the first two of which have kept me busy for the last month…

My Leo

This really should be written by Angie as I have been a rather negligent parent.  Angie will have had about 9 weeks off, when it is all said and done, to spend with Leo and I can honestly count the diaper changes I have done on two hands.  I don’t even need to count the baths I’ve given because there haven’t been any.  Sad, I know.  Nevertheless, Leo has been packing on the pounds, crying when needed and generally just getting use to the “activity” level.  Will has taken Leo in such stride, I think he is only disappointed in Leo’s inability to play like Will expects.  However, Will is always sharing his lesser toys with Leo and asking to hold him, usually for about five minutes or so, and he is always excited when Leo is awake.

My Headache

The house…  I can sum it up best by saying the relief I felt yesterday after the open house was nothing short of therapeutic.  In the last month we’ve touched up paint everywhere, installed carpet in the bedroom, moved several things out of the house, cleaned *everything*, finished the trim in the basement, finished the plumbing in the basement bathroom, etc etc.  I am sure there are some minor things I forgot, but needless to say it is done.  Is it perfect?  No.  Is it sellable?  Hopefully, yes, but time will tell.

It is weird to say, but I have some regret leaving the house now.  Now that everything is cleaned up and all kinds of loose ends have been tied up, I actually feel like I could finish some things, but I will never get to them.  I guess I feel like I am leaving money on the table or walking away from unfinished business.  I wanted a nice fence built, a patio for enjoying eating outside, a finished basement (completely), and some real crown moulding throughout the house.  So on one hand, I am so happy to not have to think about what “has to be done” every time a weekend rolls around and I am looking forward to the next house and its possibilities, on the other hand, I am disappointed I didn’t get more done.

With the house officially on the market last Friday, the 13th, it is all about just sitting and waiting to see what happens (and keeping the place spotless).  I think Angie and I are both excited for the next house (assuming we can get one) although our preferences differ like Republicans and Democrats these days.

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3 Responses to My Month

  1. @ Jon
    50k bid on the house good for 48hours.

  2. Will's mom says:

    And the Democrats won…so shall I when picking the next house. We can name it our Obama estate…

  3. Jonny Rocket says:

    I will pass Charlie, thanks though.

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