My Doorbell

This comprehensive contemplation of consciousness is brought to you by Continental Airlines…

Best Laid Plans

I have come to the conclusion that airlines are much like a unreliable friend.  You rely on them for rides, but because their world is filled with such drama, they are never on time.  Explanations come quickly, flat tires, speeding tickets, traffic, etc etc, but it doesn’t obscure the obvious, you are late again.

Occasionally your friend is actually on time and it makes you forget all the past troubles.  Life is good, but all good things must come to an end.  I now understand why those business guys that are always wearing polo’s and clip-on cell phones seem somewhat annoyed or aloof.  They have hitched lots of rides with lots of friends and I doubt their friends are any more reliable than mine.

Bathroom Break

My parents have decided to make a trip north this spring (spring is technically weeks old, but its just starting in MN) and my mom, more or less, signed my dad up to help me with house projects.  After a bit of debating on my part and about 3 minutes of discussion with Angie, we decided on remodeling the upstairs bathroom.  There is plenty else that could be done, but I think this is one project I could use the help with and working with my dad in a 7’x5′ room will provide all kinds of entertainment.

I’ve done a lot of measuring and thinking and Angie has done her fair share of thinking and pondering, and we’ve decided to keep the same layout and basically the same style.  Everything will be pulled out and replaced, but given the foot print of the room, there isn’t much that can change.  Walls can always be moved or removed, but this project has got to be close to being wrapped up after the first few days, so I am shooting for nothing complicated.  There are some structural things to fix and some plumbing that needs readjustment, but other than that, it is a straight tear out and replace.

To document the process, I thought about trying to setup a webcam to take a photo every few minutes, but there is no good place to put it, unless we wanted to look through the window.  At the very least, I will take as many photos as I can and hope the general idea makes sense.

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2 Responses to My Doorbell

  1. Charlie says:

    May i suggest you broadcast the entire event on ustream. That way your brother and law can way in with obnoxious comments.

  2. Jonny Rocket says:

    My brother-IN-law does a pretty good job of that now, without the stream.

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