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I unexpectedly learned it is much easier to convince Will to wear something if you tell him it is what Peter Parker wears.  In both cases the truthfulness of the statement is debatable.  I can’t presume to know what Peter Parker wore in all the cartoons, comics, and movies, so while I can’t recall a time he wore green shoes, I conversely can’t claim to know that he didn’t wear green shoes.  It is a mouthful and a confusing thought, but one I am sure has not run through Will’s mind, yet.  For my purpose, he agrees to wear said item because he now thinks it is cool and I have twice been able to get him to wear something that has caused Angie such frustration that she would throw fits at his fit throwing.  In short, I have won the battle.

This isn’t to suggest I am winning the war.  Bedtime has become a tedious task of give and take and multiple trips to Will’s room at night.  He either needs a glass of water or needs some random toy for about two hours before he finally falls asleep.  He has a whole giggly routine that he goes through with Angie, but he knows my temperament is not one that entertains such things*.

*I have to apologize at this point for my weird grammar.  I finished a CS Lewis book a week or two ago and I don’t think his style has worn off me yet.

At any rate, he is stuck with me for a few more days until Angie returns from interviewing in Michigan.  I can only hope that he can put up with me for a little bit longer.  I am pretty easy to manage unless I am hungry or tired.

Don’t go to  I don’t know what it is, but I know I’ve heard of it and that’s all it really takes to for me to come up with subtitles, fleeting thoughts.  Match Day is the day all Med School students find out what residency program they are going working with for the next 2-4 years.  It is a big day for us, because we are hoping to be moving some place closer to home.  I need to find some kind of countdown widget for wordpress so I can watch the days click by.  For me it is really the deadline to get stuff done as we’re probably going to have to our house on the market as soon as possible.  I am not looking forward to finding out how cheap my house has become, but there are always bitter pills to swallow and you just hope they won’t have unforeseen consequences.

Shark Attack

IMG_0723If you caught any of the photos, you might have noticed Will was a shark for Halloween. He scored some good candy and never missed a “Thank You.” Probably even more impressive was that he was willing to take off the shark and go to bed somewhat on time that night.

Angie carved three pumpkins which got a lot of compliments and we hung up some lights for the occasion. With Will really understanding what candy is, it made for a pretty fun night. I am just glad I didn’t have to hand out candy. I have no idea how to react when a kid comes up with a pillowcase and a obviously made no attempt to dress up as anything.  I can only assume they are bored, lazy, or the need for candy so overwhelms them, they forget to put their costume on.


I doubt anyone has ever mistook me for a work-a-holic, but I have gotten a number of things done around the house.  Things I have been planning to do for months are just getting knocked out in a matter of hours.  Again, it makes me wonder why I just didn’t do it in the past, but apparently I had something more important to do.

In the past few weekends I have finished repairing the basement door (no more stuck, turning inside out door!), installing a little cabinet in the stairs for a small pantry (more shelf space in the kitchen cabinets!), fixed the microwave light cover, and replaced the front door knobs (I know they look goofy, but it is better than the one with the hole in it).  I’ve also started putting the final coat of mud on the basement closet and I am not even counting the leaf raking, bush trimming, mowing, and gutter cleaning I have done.  (This whole sub-topic is just to remind my wife that I do manage a few things around the house, they just rarely involve dishes, clothes, or dirty diapers.)


We’re going to CO this weekend to visit my sister and then down to IN for Thanksgiving.  I think the last time I was in CO was before I moved to MN and the last time we were home for Thanksgiving was before Will was born.  I am kind of happy to not have to cook a big meal this year.  The reason for both trips is because they pair up with interviews Angie will be doing, so Will and I are mostly along for the ride.  I am sure, many photos will be posted.

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