Is This It?

In short, yes. This is going to be a big one, so for the first time, ever I think, I am introducing subheadings. This way you can skip to the parts you care about and I don’t have to figure out how to transition from one subject to the next.

Evan Almighty

My sister finally delivered her son, Evan, yesterday. From what I understand, it was quite the show, unfortunately for Evan, he will have to hear how his mom labored for 3 days before he was born for the rest of his life. For now though, he and mom are healthy and happy. He was born weighing about 8 pounds and some 21 inches in horizontal height; very similar to someone else. Let’s hope for the new parents sake, he doesn’t get the same temperament. So congratulations to the new parents, and remember… Oh nevermind, you are going to get a million people telling you a million things, you don’t need anymore advice from me.

I should also mention that because of extenuating circumstances, my sister and her husband had a significant role in raising me from about age 13 to now. Really they helped with all of us (us being my other two brothers and two sisters, yes there are 6 of us total and yes its just like the Brady Bunch) at one point or another, but probably had the most significant impact on me because I am the youngest. I think they did a pretty decent job too, so I have no worries about young Evan’s future.

The Little Guy

Will is doing something new everyday it seems. If its not a new word (yep he as has picked up on some unsavory words too) then its a new “action”. Apparently our bed’s footboard is the perfect ladder and if a dining room chair is pulled out enough, it provides perfect access to the table. He is also successful in getting both feet off the ground to jump, but rarely lands on them again. Getting him to jump is usually preceded with him telling us to watch five times. I posted a bunch of new videos and photos of the little man, so just see for yourself.

A View from the Top

I forget when exactly I re shingled the garage, and theres a good chance I mentioned it already in another post, but I know I did it when it was reasonably warm, so that would rule out the last week at least. I took some photos of the roof, but you have to be really gung-ho about home improvement to want to look at some black asphalt on a garage. The whole process was pretty easy, aside from doing the entire project by myself which required heaving literally tons of shingles around. If you happened to look at the photos, you’d see the siding is in poor shape too and I have already started addressing that issue. I picked up 30 sheets of OSB from a guy on craigslist and started tearing the siding off and putting up new sheeting. As of now, only one side is done, but I am not in a huge hurry. I take a little time each weekend and only tear off what I can put up, usually about an 8 foot square. I generally think most of the neighbors are pleased with the idea of the garage being fixed up. I am 90% sure its the largest non-house structure on our side of the street.


What a break Thanksgiving was for this household. It is the first time I can remember both Angie and I having some time off and not having to travel during that time. Angie made homemade noodles and I turned them into chicken and noodles (the more I tell people about this dish, the more I am convinced it is an Indiana thing). I also roasted a turkey breast, made homemade gravy, my sister’s sweet potatoes, and green beans (which were average compared to everything else). It all turned out very well and I was pretty pleased with myself (can you tell?). We also took time to assemble and decorate our Christmas tree for the first time since living in this house. Will is quite enamored with the lights and bulbs, or as he calls them balls. I might have to try to convince Angie to make the lights blink, because I am sure that would keep Will entertained for hours. It is pretty nice having the tree up even though I initially fought the idea.

Letters to the Editor

As editor and chief writer for, I understand it is my sole responsibility to not only keep the site updated, but to make sure the updates are coherent and easy to read. I will admit that sometimes I get in a huge rush to post something or I work on one post for so long that I just give up on making it sound good and post it. Nevertheless, I am told either directly or indirectly that people still, on occasion, read this site for updates. In fact, I bet there are at least a couple of people that keep tabs on us solely through niblet and its rss feed. To those people, I say thanks for coming to the site and reading my poorly written and never edited words. Just always bear in mind that niblet is my digital journal and life log. It is a place where I attempt to keep various media organized so that I can sort through and find various things for the next 10-20 years. So even though you are reading this and wondering why in God’s name would I bother to write about a dumb roof, its only because I want to document a particular thing that I have done. Also note that my current job consumes far more of my time than my old job when I literally had nothing to do on Mondays but write up a blog. Nowadays I have to do this on my own time and that adjustment is taking far longer than I expected. As it turns out, I have other things I want to do on my time than sit and type 1054 words (the current count of this particular post).

Is There a Doctor in the House?

Sometimes. Angie’s current rotation is in emergency medicine. She works shifts so she can’t really be held over, so predicting what time she will get home is easier. The shifts, however, are so dang random it has to some psychological procedure to break down a person’s internal clock so they can function at any hour of the day. I am sure once Will and I get use to the routine, the rotation will end and we’ll have some new schedule to learn.

Thats all Folks

So is that it? Pretty much. There are a few other shop projects I might share in the coming weeks. They are gifts for people, but I am pretty sure none of them read this site, so the secret should stay safe. At any rate, its time for bed for me.

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  1. Nate says:

    Good to hear from you again,
    Few more Evan Lawrence pics at
    if you are interested

  2. Laura says:

    The videos of Will are pretty darn cute. Couldn’t stop laughing when he was throwing the yogurt! Can’t wait to see you guys at Christmans

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