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Good Bye Garage, Hello Barn

As I promised myself, I got out and did some work this weekend.  Some time ago, maybe around Thanksgiving or before, I started tearing the siding off the garage and re sheeting it to prep it for new siding.  I only had one side done and it has sat like that since.  I had asked for all this Carhartt clothing for Christmas, so I could work outside without freezing to death and Saturday, I put it to the test.  I decided to work on the side of the garage with the large overhead door on it (the side Angie claims is the front, but it clearly the back of the garage).  As it turned out, Saturday was a bit warmer than expected and I ended up sweating a little in my clothes., but I will take that over getting so cold it takes hours to warm up again.  I got about 80% of the “back” side done and decided I might as well trim the shingles off the garage (when I put the new roof on the garage I just let the shingles hang off the edge rather than trim each row, just to speed up the process).  At any rate, it looked like the garage got a much needed haircut.  If I had known it was as easy as it was, I would have done it weeks ago.

Sunday was not so warm and I am glad I didn’t leave too much left to finish on the back side of the garage.  The pry bar was noticeably colder in my hands and the wind seemed to be blowing just on me.  At any rate, I finished a 2nd side of the garage so the sheeting is roughly 50% done now.  Since I am using someon’s “used” sheeting that is covered in dust and dirt, when I stepped back to look at my handiwork I thought”Hmmm, it looks like a barn.”  Hopefully the end result will shape up better.


It goes without say that most people in the neighborhood accept that something odd is always going on at my house.  They know when they see me in brown overalls and a brown coat standing on a ladder, outside, in the middle of January, that I am just busy doing whatever it is I do.  In short, they are use to my oddities.  However, the house beside me that has been empty for weeks now had a little more traffic over the weekend.  A guy was there on Saturday installing new locks and padlocks on the garage then a real estate agent was poking around on Sunday.  Both times I was outside, covered in brown, with safety glasses on and large orange earmuffs for hearing protection over my ears (they also help keep the wind off my ears).  Both times, I got weird looks, but neither really inquired what I was doing.

All I am saying is that I was warm and I have grown so use to wearing the hearing protection, it drives me nuts to not use it.  When I went home over Christmas and made some cuts on my dad’s bandsaw, the squeaking and squealing of the saw just made my ears ring.  I really wanted my ear muffs right then, but I knew my dad didn’t have any (I think he is half deaf, so it probably doesn’t bother him anymore).  Point being, I know I looked silly, but I don’t have to listen to that horrible metal on metal clank sound when I hit the pry bar with the hammer and I didn’t have any shingle graduals in my eyes when I was trimming the shingles (they did end up all over my forehead and nose though).

What About the Basement?

Glad you asked.  The trim is the last part for the majority of the basement.  I haven’t gotten to that yet, but I did install some built in bookshelves I had made about a month ago (again the lag was due to painting).  I still need to paint the actual shelves (they’re adjustable and thus removable), but at least the giant holes in the wall are covered.  So its nothing to get too excited about, but its the first real work I have done since Labor Day when I put all the carpet in place.  I think I estimated I will need at least another sheet of drywall to finish out the closet, and I am pretty sure I have one in the garage, but I have no idea what shape it is in.  Given that the high this weekend is predicted to be -2, I might just focus a little more on the basement than anything that will require being outside.

Yet Another Project

The upstairs bathroom, or as I am going to refer to it from here on out, the kitchen’s closet.  Much to Angie’s annoyance, I am gearing up to redo the bathroom.  She is perfectly happy that it will be fixed up, but I think, slightly annoyed at how much I talk about it and ask her opinion about things.  The real issue with the bathroom is space.  I don’t have the luxury of shopping from 20 different vanities because there are only a few that will fit into a 19″ space.  The previous owner opted for a pedestal sink which left no place in the entire bathroom for storage of things like TP and towels.  So I have decided to go back to a vanity.  The toilet and shower will just be swap outs, although for the shower I am going with pre-made wall panels instead of tiling it all.  That is more for speed than actual preference of material.  The toilet I have in mind is slightly narrower than average and has a little less depth than most.  A few inches here and there don’t sound like much, but when you bump the electric tooth brush charger which falls on Angie’s hair straightener which pulls down the contact solution and Angie’s makeup bag which sends little cans and tubes of gel and powder all over the room, you just hang your head and wish for another 2 inches of space.

Its going to have to be a quick project though.  I know I am going to have to remove the floor and fix a few other things, but I am hoping I can remove the tile without screwing up the walls too much.  Not having to drywall and mud the corners would take at least 2-3 days off the project.

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