Frozen Stiff

I posted a few long lost videos of Will and one of Angie commenting on the basement. The video of Will dancing to The Office theme music is pretty good.  If I remember right he asks to hear it “agin.”

Museum of Play Things

Every third Sunday of the month, the Children’s Museum in St Paul has free admission for everyone. Even though it is suppose to be one of their busiest days, we figured the extremely low temps and going early would help a little with the crowd. It wasn’t too busy when we arrived and we started heading through the different areas. Most of the exhibits were decent, none were awesome, and a few were just okay. Perhaps I have been spoiled by the great children’s museum in Indianapolis, but I guess I expected a little more from the visit.

I thought they would have things like dinosaur’s bones and maybe some space stuff or possibly a train, none of which I saw. For the most part, it was a giant staircase with a few rooms on each level. Most of the exhibits allowed interaction, which was good for the older kids, but some of the exhibits just seemed like play areas. Perhaps I we missed some giant wing of the museum, but I am sure glad we went on a free Sunday.


I wrote all of those first paragraphs last Monday and then I forgot about this post.  Will ended up with the croup again and I was home with him off and on all week.  It is like having a wicked bad cold for a week and all he wanted to do was sleep and cough.  He is feeling better today and has about 300% more energy, so I think he is happy to be back in good form.


The cold streak here has finally snapped and we should get above freezing tomorrow.  I am not sure if its good or bad when you think 35 degrees is warm, but when it is close to a 30-40 degree swing, it feels like a heat wave.  At the very least, it isn’t painful to be outside for more that 2 minutes.

Basement Stuff

I finished the drywall in the closet, so now I just need to mud and paint it up.  I am thinking I might use some of the paint that didn’t workout for the living room upstairs, but I don’t think I will break my back on it.  It is just a closet.

I still need to finish out a few things on the stairs and one of the annoying items was the hole in the wall by the light switch.  The photo at left is from when we first moved in the house, but I managed to get a hunk of scrap in the hole to give the mud something to hold against.  It will probably take a lot of tinkering to make it look decent, but its better than looking at a huge hole in the wall.

I also grabbed a large board to attempt to better trim out the stairs and to make carpeting them easier.   It is a little hard to explain, but I guess I won’t be having an “open” stair case like I planned.  Or rather, it won’t be as open as it is now.

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4 Responses to Frozen Stiff

  1. Charlie Roy says:

    The Children’s Museum in St. Paul is okay. You are right about the one in Indianapolis being the best. Chicago’s Navy Pier has a pretty cool pirate ship exhibit that you can climb up sales and rope ladders on and an amazing water play room with water cannons, hoses, and other items. If i recall St. Paul did have a cool area where a kid can work a crane but other than that I’d vote for Chicago and Indy.

  2. Sara Inskeep says:

    I agree that the Indy Children’s Museum is FAR superior than that of any other I’ve visited…just all the more reason for you and Angela and Will to move to Indy!! 🙂 Also, I loved the video of Will throwing yogurt and laughing. You should sell that video to some big company– I read an article somewhere about how babies sell big for commericals. Will’s laugh is a classic (not to mention Hank’s gaping mouth trying to catch the yogurt!)

  3. Sarah says:

    To fix the whole in the wall, just put a piece of tape over it, then mud it. It should hold pretty well and look decent when you are done.

  4. Jonny Rocket says:

    I think the tape would be too fragile and the mud would eventually crack from movement. I ended up put a small board in the hole and then drilled through the slats to hold it in place. Then I put a small 2″x3″ chunk of drywall on the board. I threw mud on it last night and it seemed to be pretty solid this morning. There is still a lot to fill in to make it even with the rest of the wall, but it should come out okay.

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