Fish Sticks

It is pretty amazing and equally annoying how much Will enjoys watching Find Nemo. He usually asks to watch it at least once before we leave in the morning and when we come home, it is almost routine for me to start the dvd. The weekends are the worse though. I think the movie played at least three time yesterday, maybe four. I don’t watch it anymore with him, but I do listen to it while I work. Sadly, I am beginning to pick up on all the mundane details and even the minor characters’ names. I tried to get Will to sit through Cars with me, but after about 5 minutes he gets bored and wants to watch Nemo. Since Nemo is the only thing that will keep his attention for 10 minutes or more, we are guilty of using it as a distraction. I can usually come home, start the movie, and go make dinner without Will ever really noticing that I am gone. If the timing is right, by the time we get done with his bath and get ready for bed, the credits will be rolling (yep we watch those too) and then we can finally claim the movie is over and go to bed.

Tender Tips

I puttered around with the basement off and on all day yesterday. I put up another length of trim behind my desk and then put up the big trim piece on the side of the stairs. The large piece on the stairs wasn’t completely painted so I wasted away the afternoon going over it 3 times with paint. After it was up, I figured I might as well start putting carpet on the stairs and try to get that finished up, but I only finished 70% of it before I ran out of tape. I am just now realizing the reason I had waited so long to carpet the stairs was because I need to paint the stairwell… Guess I will be putting down some drop cloths. Carpeting the stairs was a real pain and I think if I ever do anything like this again, the carpeting will be the one thing I hire out. My finger tips are so sore from jamming the carpet into the corners, I can hardly type and my knees are just raw from kneeing on the stairs all night. It is also an extremely nerve racking process. The stairs weren’t bad because it was all done in small sections and I had plenty of leftovers, but with the big areas, if you make a wrong cut or your knife slides off track, you are kind of screwed. At any rate, I have just a tad more left to do and then I won’t be worrying about it anymore (a side bonus is all the extra carpet is out of the garage, one less thing to move around!).

I don’t think I ever mentioned that I started putting trim up.  I started with some of the longer sections last weekend and got about four pieces put on.  It really does add the finishing touches to the room.  I really need to put it up around the windows and cabinets, and then I will be able to claim that I am truly getting close to finishing.

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3 Responses to Fish Sticks

  1. Charlie says:

    Don’t be a panzy. Most guys would love to spend the day playing with carpet.

  2. Jonny Rocket says:

    Thanks Charlie, now I am going to have to start moderating your comments. This is a family site after all.

  3. Sarah Martin says:

    The site is a work in progress. I’m just playing around with iWeb right now.

    Anyway, clearly you don’t remember as a child obsessively watching Robin Hood. You watched it as much, if not more then Will is watching Finding Nemo.

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