F'ing Aliens

For the 2nd time that I can remember, I had a dream about aliens invading earth and although I didn’t die during the encounter, I could feel my imminent doom. It was one of those dreams when you’re in such a deep sleep the act of waking up feels like you have to climb a 100 foot ladder. I believe I woke up after just seeing one of the little creepies pass by me and I could feel the stress lift, but I must have been still in the moment because just whispered to myself, “F***ing aliens.” Then I realized I was awake and it was a dream and I had no real cause for concern. It was weird and so very real for a few moments but from now on I am skipping the jelly fish scene in Finding Nemo because I am pretty sure that alien looked like a jelly.

Basement Blues and Whites

I haven’t kept on pace like I had hoped to get a little done in the basement everyday, but this past weekend it warmed to a toasty 35 degrees. I felt like I was being pulled in a few different directions (work on the garage, paint trim, or maybe just do some other lingering projects?), but when I asked Angie what I should do, the answer was paint the trim. Luckily, I had gone through a cleaned up a lot of the garage and freed up space, etc etc, so laying the trim out and painting it wasn’t too bad. It probably needs one more coat and then it should be ready to put up this weekend.

I also did some adjusting on the table saw and since I feel like it is cutting much more accurate than before, I will *hopefully* get the shelves finished for the built-ins. Then last major area to address for the main area is getting the stairs carpeted. The closet has one rough coat of mud thrown on it, and I likely just going to throw another on and paint it. I don’t see any need to make it look all that nice since one will rarely see the inside.

Sucking Power

We have probably needed a new vacuum for awhile now, but I insisted cleaning the old one would do just fine. It started to smell funny every time the vacuum was ran and it sure seemed like it was getting louder and louder. At any rate, I juts bit the bullet and bought some pet hair special vacuum from Target. If you have ever swept with new vacuum after just using your old one, the results are somewhat gross. You finally realize what the old one had been missing and/or just pushing back into the carpet and then you start to wonder how long it had been like that and how long have you been breathing this extra dust and dirt? It was pretty amazing and the new vacuum even seemed to make the air cleaner. It has a HEPA filter, which the old one did not, so I am sure the old one was spewing dust into the air like crazy. The new vacuum even had the effect of making Angie excited to use it, which is a big plus, although she still has a hard time remembering to put it away.

Will = Awesome Boy

Apparently Will learned to count to 20 in like 2 days and picked up the entire alphabet in the next two days. He mostly just mumbles through them both, but if you listen he hits most of the letters and numbers when he is working on it. It is kind of funny to think what he was doing just a year ago and what he was like. Now he has so much personality and can entertain himself for awhile, it is hard to remember having to constantly bounce him up and down to try to get him to sleep for an hour.

DeWalt GWI

Last night I picked up a used (obviously from the photos) DeWalt GWI radial arm saw. One of the preferred models for the old saws. I won’t bore you with the details or the explanation as to why I am so giddy about it, at this point, it is just important to know that I am giddy.

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8 Responses to F'ing Aliens

  1. Charlie Roy says:

    The aliens are coming and they are real.

  2. Sara Inskeep says:

    Did you get a Dyson? Because I got one for Christmas and everyone thinks I am weird for getting some sick pleasure out of seeing all of Max’s hair getting sucked up in it. I’ve even trained him to lie still while I vacuum his back and belly to remove excess hair. About Angie not remembering to put it away– I have the same problem and I think it’s because I know I am just going to want to use it tomorrow anyway.

  3. Jonny Rocket says:

    I don’t make “Dyson” type money, so I had to settle for a lesser form of suction. If I had a Dyson, I wouldn’t it being left out, so I could make people jealous when they see it.

  4. Charlie Roy says:

    I might be buying Aimee a Dyson for our anniversary. I’m so romantic.

  5. Sara Inskeep says:

    Hey, I am not saying that a vaccum is romantic, but I’ve wanted one for a long time because I am a little neurotic about pet hair, etc. I think it is as equally romantic as giving my husband a miter saw…which he loved. Besides, I don’t want diamonds for EVERY holiday!

  6. Jonny Rocket says:

    What saw did you buy him? I am slightly reluctant to let anyone buy tools for me because I am a tool snob. It is the one area I highly recommend not wondering from the list.

  7. Sara Inskeep says:

    I believe it was some sort of craftman?? I brought my dad along to pick it out because he, too, is a tool snob. Scott seems to really like it so I must have done okay. By the way, hug your wife for me…she has been an open book of information when it comes to motherhood and pregnancy!!

  8. Jonny Rocket says:

    Oh, so you’re the reason she has been glued to her laptop and ignoring the pleas of her husband and son. Aren’t you due to pop in like 3 days?

    It is Craftsman btw.

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