Fear of Sleep

As much as I hate myself for drinking pop every time quit, I seem fall of the wagon harder each time.  Recently I have gotten in the habit of drinking a pop around 8-9 pm each night and while I never thought caffeine had that much of an impact on my system, I have definitely noticed it lately.  Sometimes I will just stare at the TV and/or computer screen and have this great need to do a million things at once, but I don’t know where to start or what I really want to do, so I just sit there.  I can sometimes feel my heart race and when I something goes right or a find something to read, I get so excited I feel like I need to go run around the block a few times.  In any case, I need to stop.

Summer Promises

At least once, I said I would try to ride to work with Will this summer.  We did it last week with some pretty good results.  He loved riding in the trailer.  In fact, when I told him we were going to ride to daycare, he hounded me for the next 30 minutes while I packed and got the bike and trailer ready.  “Daddy, Come on”, “I want to get in (the trailer)”, “I want to ride.”

Logistically, it was tough,  He arrived at daycare a little earlier and left a little later and I got to work a tad late and left a tad earlier.  Riding home with the trailer attached and then with Will in it wasn’t a lot of fun either.  Will did get a big kick out of the whole thing though and he was perfectly content in his trailer.  I’d like to do it once a week as the savings in gas is worth it, but we’ll have to see how it goes.  Angie will have a lot of July off, so I might just ride in alone a lot or drop him off and let Angie pick him up.


My sister-in-law wants to be like me.

Bathroom Rehash

I put the door trim up this weekend.  It still needs to be painted, but I am hoping Angie does that.  I also put the door hardware on again and fixed where the door was sticking while it closed.  That just leaves the air vent as the last big thing to finish up, so hopefully that can be done this weekend.

Other projects

Well when we fixed the bathroom door, we also worked on the basement door which had basically fallen off its hinges.  The hinges are still bent, but the door swings much better than it use to.  Now I need to add a door stop so you can’t push the door clear through the opening.  I also still need to add my “pantry” to the basement steps.  Add that to the list of things I hope I can knock out this weekend.

Speaking of steps, I finally bought a few materials and put proper steps on the garage.  It actually was a quick project and it is much better than stepping on stacked pavers that tended to roll off and out from under your feet when you stepped on the edges.  I think Angie will appriacitate them more when I get the garage empty enough for her to park in again, but that is a long ways off.

I also built a raised bed for a garden this weekend and planted it.  We’ve had some decent steady rain, so I am hoping the plants grow nice and fast.  It is my first attempt at a garden, so I am not expecting much.  We might end up with too much food or we grow nothing but weeds.  Only time will tell.

The garage and the fence are the last big projects I need to start and finish this summer.  I’d really like to do the fence, but the garage is half done and all the supplies are on hand.  If anything, I need to just clean the shop really, really well and get things organized so I can actually do some work.  As it is now, I spend hours looking for stuff.  The unisaw rebuild is wrapping up, so the old saw needs to be setup to sell and that will free a lot of space.  But I have added a ton of basically free wood, a unisaw for my dad, and a metal lathe probably all within the last few weeks.  It has caused a bit of a space problem.  At any rate, I think I convinced myself to side the garage during this rant, so that is what I am going to set about doing this weekend.

Hoosier Heartland

Well it seems the rotation Angie was hoping to get in Indiana is back on again.  Initially they told her there were no spots available, but then she e-mailed a few people and magically they found a spot.  Since the rotation is four weeks long, I won’t be able to go during the entire time, but Will and I will probably burn up all my available vacation to spend as much time as we can there.  It should be fun to be in Indiana that long without really anything to do.  No holidays or anything else like that to worry about.  I am assuming Angie will be working a lot, so I am sure Will and I will have lots of excess time on our hands to visit everyone.

The caffeine seems to be kicking in again and I can’t sit still, so that’s the end.

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2 Responses to Fear of Sleep

  1. Nice post John. Good luck with the whole biking to work thing. I am thinking of riding the public bus in July to help reduce my carbon footprint. Should be rather fun if I can make it work.

  2. Jonny Rocket says:

    Maybe you should invest in a Vespa. Some get 100 miles per gallon.

    – Jon

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