Easter Run and Home Shopping Fun

Well we made yet another trip to Indiana.  Since about July of last year, we’ve been back 5 times and that is a lot when you consider I use to hate making the trip twice a year.  It is going to be weird living there again and not having to show up two days early for family events and taking time off work to make the trip.  I can’t imagine what I will do with those extra 4-10 days per year.

Well the trip home served a number of purposes.  We had Leo baptised (photos pending).  Angie and I looked for houses and, of course, we got together with the rest of the family for Easter.

The baptism went well.  Poor Leo just couldn’t make it throught the whole thing though and fell asleep in Angie’s arms.

On the housing front, we saw a number of houses for sale and almost all of them were written off within ten seconds of walking in.  It really bewilders me how my house hasn’t sold when I was looking at some real junkers for just slighlty cheaper than mine.  Ultimately, and with no less than 2-3 days of debate, we decided to just rent a house.  With our current house still on the market, it just didn’t seem like the right time to buy for us.  Maybe in a year or two things will settle down and we can shop for more than an afternoon.  Honestly, I am just looking forward to not having to work on a house and being to spend some time working on my various hobbies.

William spent the weekend playing with his cousins, eating candy, and generally crying about not being in his own bed.  I slept with him the whole weekend mainly due to lack of beds and after the first night, he seemed to control his obsessive need to put his feet on my back.  After that it wasn’t too bad.  He did a couple of Easter egg hunts and with help from his older cousins managed to find a few.

Now perhaps I am just a tiny bit hungry, perhaps it is the spring weather, or perhaps I have just not been able to get back in the kitchen due to the need to keep it clean for showings, but I have a major hankering to do some cooking.  Although I visit and poke around on various woodworking blogs and forums, its never really occurred to me to do the same for cooking.  I found Pinch My Salt while googling around for biscuit flour and just her photos alone make me want to run to the kitchen and get started.  Adding to that the labyrinth of information at the Good Eats Fan Page and I really just beginning to see the iceberg of information.

The issue I have always had with recipes on line, esp from places like Allrecipes.com, is who do you trust?  I’d say about 50% of what I make only gets made once and I won’t go back to try it again (aside from biscuits and gravy).  So if I am going to take the time to find and try a recipe, I don’t want it to suck.  My sister Liz is usually a good barometer.  She either has good sources or a better understanding of cooking basics (likely both) and when she makes something, its usually very good.  Much like woodworking, I’d like to work with someone to learn some of the basic ins and outs.  The cooking classes I have taken were always helpful, but since its been well over a year since I took one, retaining all the information that was packed in an hour class is difficult.

Now with the pending move, job change, extra kid, residency, and daily life, I am worried cooking is going to take a serious backseat.  Already, I can say my consumption of McD-like food grossly outweights home cooked food.  But I have fired up the grill a few times and added an excellent butter to my steaks, so I have to be happy with that.  I’d just like to expand on that and get away for just eating mashed potatoes and bread with that meal (although my potatoes rock the block).

I think that is enough thinking aloud for now.  Time to hit the grocery.

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3 Responses to Easter Run and Home Shopping Fun

  1. Aimee Roy says:

    Why can’t I steal any of the pictures from your site from the baptism? Just wanted to keep some stored away on my computer to remember the joyous event 🙂

  2. Jonny Rocket says:

    Just go to whichever photo you want and hit the download link below the photo.

  3. @ Jon
    All you need to do is buy the book: “A Man, A Can, and A Plan”. It has everything in it you need to know about cooking. Good luck with the move. I’m going west in three years. I made Aimee a deal: We’ll get a dog if she agrees to move to the west coast in three years. See you on IM.

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