Daddy? Daddy? Daddy! Daddy! Daddy?

Yep, Leo is officially a daddy’s boy. He use to say more than daddy, but because our mind age is very close, we’re able to communicate through just one word, daddy. Daddy? That means he picked something up for me. Daddy! That means he wants me to pick him up. Daddy! Means he wants to go out to the shop and play with the tools (never too young right?). Daddy? Means he wants to eat some of my food. The differences are subtle, but they’re there. Leo actually cried this morning when Angie took him away from me which is an ominous sign (in reality he recognized he and I had our jackets on and I think he thought I was going to go outside without him).

William has been growing like a weed. Although William eats about as much as Leo does, he has sprung up a few inches and his feet continue to out grow shoes about every other month. He got his name on the board 3 times last week for goofing off in school, so he is no longer the sweet and innocent kid a few years ago. On the flip side, he doesn’t wet the bed, sleeps very well, can dress himself, can help cook, and let’s Hank in and out of the house, so he is pretty darn useful anymore.

Angie has been on nights for the last week and a half and by my count has 17 nights left. It doesn’t sound like a lot, but it still takes a long time to chug through 5 weeks of it. I think this round is going much more smoothly than the last go round, mainly because Leo is older and no longer needing to eat in the middle of the night. I think it is also going pretty well for Angie too, at least she is getting home at a reasonable time in the morning.

Other than that, it seems like spring is finally coming. We might be getting a dusting of snow, but April is a week away so the cold won’t last much longer. I went for my first and only outdoor ride a few weeks ago in Columbus. There are some great hills down there and the traffic is much lighter than Indy, but I realized my helmet has seen better days. Many, many moons ago a certain puppy (Hank) tore all the padding out of my helmet. I rode with it like that for basically 8 years. I am not even sure the helmets are meant to be used for 8 years. I can certainly see there is fading all over it and wouldn’t be surprised if some of the foam has been compromised, so I bought myself a new helmet and some socks. It looks uber cool (does any helmet look cool?) and matches the bike, so hopefully I look a little less dorky in my spandex shorts.

Out in the shop, I finally got my 12″ Fay and Egan Jointer up and running. It took some more precise measurements to setup than what I expected so the process was a little longer. In the end, it is a smooth running machine. Along with the jointer, I have been working on building a TV stand for out living room. I finally to a point of adding the finish, so hopefully it will be ready for prime time shortly. It is replacing a TV stand Angie bought her freshman year at IU. I can’t remember what happened to it our 2nd through 4th years of college, but it reappeared when we moved to MN and we’ve been using it ever since. It looks rather funny with the large tube tv sitting on it now in this big living room. It does nothing to hide the wires (now with all the networking crap by the tv the wires have doubled) and it seems to be a kid magnet. The stand I am building will be substantial to say the least. It sucks up all the free room in the shop and with the top on, I am guessing it weights well over 100 lbs. It will be stained the same dark chocolate color that I used on the Arts and Crafts bookshelf, so it will definitely have some visual weight to it.

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