Much like Leo said Daddy endlessly for everything he saw, felt, and needed, Finn has taken to “da” has his word of choice.  Much like Leo also, he used to say more.  He could work out ‘ank for Hank, mama for mom, and dada for dad.  He is also walking and that makes him the earliest walker for us, so far.  Unlike Will and Leo, he didn’t stand up one day and take 5-6 steps.  He first kind of turned and accidentally took a step.  Then there was a step because I put him down and he got mad and wanted to come to me again.  Then there were a few steps between the chairs and the coffee table.  Soon he was taking 5-6 steps and today he walked from our large window back into the white room where the threshold finally brought him down.  So after weeks of steps and missteps, I finally got his walking on camera, not his first steps, but close enough.

Angie and I went down to Columbus to meet with a group that wants her to work for them.  We had a great dinner and the group was pretty interesting.  It will be interesting to look back on this when she has decided.  Both groups in Columbus are offering a lot of incentives to sign a contract, so while it is tempting, we’re trying to stay patient and make a good decision.  Having worked a job that I didn’t really enjoy for a few years, I can understand her wanting to get it right and unlike a job at a large corporation, you can’t move to something different in two years and be with all new people.

Will is past the half way point in school.  The year has really gone by quick and it will be even stranger when he goes to school full day.  Even now, when he goes to a friend’s house it seems a little strange to not have him around.  Leo settles down dramatically without Will around and becomes much more reserved.  Having Leo and Finn around reminds me of when we first moved here, but it is just on the cusp of my memory and I don’t remember much of the details.  Certain things will trigger the memories and I will look back on some photos and remember Will had fat hands too.

It will be strange owning a house again and feeling like I need to do the maintenance.  On the other hand, it will be nice to finally own a house again have the freedom to do what you like and know that your situation isn’t something temporary.  When we bought the house in St Paul, we knew it was temporary and we updated things for us, but also to help sell the place.  We rented down here to not have to deal with that situation again, but we also just kind of live with things as we know its temporary (like our landscaping).  So while it will not be too exciting to spend weekends pulling weeds and planting a garden, it will be nice to know what work we do we’ll be able to enjoy for as many years as we choose.

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