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Fear of Sleep

As much as I hate myself for drinking pop every time quit, I seem fall of the wagon harder each time.  Recently I have gotten in the habit of drinking a pop around 8-9 pm each night and while I … Continue reading

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What A Week – The Bathroom

That was one really, really long week.  Major operations have ceased and Angie is taking care of touch up work as I type this.  I have to say thanks to my parents for coming up and lending a hand and … Continue reading

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Bathroom Update

Just putting in a place holder for the eventual bathroom entry.

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I feel like Christmas is right around the corner now with almost everything purchased and ready to go for the bathroom makeover.  Every time I go in the bathroom, all I can think about is how it might be the … Continue reading

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All in All

April sucked.  Snow or rain every Friday and May seems to be on the same track.  Some brief comments that will cover a variety of topics: Bathroom I can’t believe next Friday I will start gutting the bathroom.  Angie and … Continue reading

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My Doorbell

This comprehensive contemplation of consciousness is brought to you by Continental Airlines… Best Laid Plans I have come to the conclusion that airlines are much like a unreliable friend.  You rely on them for rides, but because their world is … Continue reading

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One of my greatest fears of owning a home is coming to fruition.  A downturn in the housing market.  When I bought my house back in late ’04/early ’05 there was a defined period of time we knew we’d be … Continue reading

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Fish Sticks

It is pretty amazing and equally annoying how much Will enjoys watching Find Nemo. He usually asks to watch it at least once before we leave in the morning and when we come home, it is almost routine for me … Continue reading

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F'ing Aliens

For the 2nd time that I can remember, I had a dream about aliens invading earth and although I didn’t die during the encounter, I could feel my imminent doom. It was one of those dreams when you’re in such … Continue reading

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Almost a Little Boy It is pretty crazy to think Will is almost two now.  I think the change from 1 to 2 is much more apparent than the change from 0-1.  He is doing everything from running and jumping … Continue reading

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