Beginnings and Endings

Well here we are, less than two weeks away from the big move down to Indiana.  So much has happened in the last few weeks, I’ve let all the possible blog topics just pile up.  Much like my bills, I’ve ignored it until its past due.  Nevertheless, there are no late fees with blogs.  So let’s jump right into the recap.

IMG_1353Will turned 3.  We hit the local Chucky Cheese (which I consistently referred to as Noble Roman’s and Showbiz Pizza) and Will got his much talked about “Shark Cake” (the sharks on the cake are “eating” Nemo gummy snacks).  He seemed to enjoy the cake, but I think he was more excited to get the Lego Sharks off the cake.

Somewhere along the way we sold the house.  I think we signed the papers in late April, and the house was off the market after about 2.5 months.  Since we’re closing the day we’re moving back to Indiana, the timing couldn’t be better.  As the closing date gets closer, I am realizing how much I am going to miss the house.  Although, reality would have dictated a move (or a really large project) in a few years anyway.  On the bright side, I am getting out before any major repairs are needed.

Angie is now an official med school graduate.  It seems like ages ago when we first discussed her going to med school and she has accomplished her goal and then some.  On the route of becoming a Dr, she became a catholic (not an easy task), married me (not an easy task), and had two boys (really not an easy task).  She marvels me with all that she accomplishes and sometimes I wonder why she settled for a guy who procrastinates blog posts.

Speaking of me, I stood and watched Will put his hand down on the oven’s burner.  We were making scrambled eggs and I pulled the pan to dump the eggs.  He leaned in to see and minutes later his hand was a blistered mess.  The Dr (not Angie) said he had 2nd degree burns all over his hand.  The major spots were his finger tips, all down his ring finger, the heal of his hand, and his thumb.  IMG_1383At this point the blisters are starting to come off which is causing him to slightly freak out.  I will take that little bit of freaking out over listening to him in the back of the car clutching his hand saying “owie, owie, it hurts!”  That was after the Dr visit when they wrapped his hand and he couldn’t ice it down anymore.  The Motrin kicked in not long after that and he did pretty well the rest of the day.

Then we had Mother’s Day last weekend.  Angie painted some pottery to commemorate our time in Minnesota.  Since it was rather pricey stuff, Will painted a leaf and I watched Leo.  The pottery has finished firing, so I will have to get some photos up of the finished plate and leaf.

That took me weeks to get out.  Maybe things will change when I am unemployed in the coming weeks.*

*okay, I am not really unemployed, but I won’t be going into an office anymore.

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3 Responses to Beginnings and Endings

  1. Will's mom says:

    Some may wonder why you settled for a girl whose career path sucks up 90% of her awake hours…you forgot to include kite flying and will’s flu and a plea for help moving into our new home!

  2. Have fun in Indiana. See you when you visit CA, OR, or WA. Congrats on selling the house. I’d love to help you move but I think I’ll be on a beach that week. Be well!

  3. laura says:

    Wow, i can’t believe you will be here this weekend! Whoo hoo!! I will be hosting a baby shower but am planning on coming by when I get back in town or on Monday to see you all and the new digs. Drive safe!

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