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I just finished happily watching two episodes of Scrubs on ABC.  If I could do more to promote Scrubs, I would, just so NBC realizes how idiotic it was for them to ditch the show.  Especially when they fill the Thursday night slot with a crap show like Kath and Kim.  Admittedly, I have only watched two minutes of Kath and Kim, but my first impressions are rarely, and I do mean rarely, wrong.  So get on the ball and watch the show.  It is returning to its season 1-3 style and there are only 16 episodes left.


So I am trying to tie niblet and Facebook together, if only to get my wife to read my posts.  This will likely be the last post I make before baby #2 is born, unless I do a Time to Go Part 2 post.  Nevertheless, I figured there are some people on Facebook that want to see some photos and hear some news, etc etc, so posting things once is much easier.  Also, its not like I “use” Facebook.  It is there mainly to suck up more of the time I have to spend at work.

The Jingle Bell Rock

Well we made it home for Christmas again.  Should we move later this year, the last trip home for Christmas from MN will go down in infamy.  Not for the crappy weather, or the slow driving, but for the trucker that blocked me 3/4 of a mile from my exit to Delphi and prompted my very pregnant wife to get out of the truck and give him a small piece of her mind.  It was the icing on the cake of a 250 mile segment that took nearly 10 hours to complete.

(As a short aside, I had to clear my computer and reinstall everything this weekend and it cleared my itunes preferences which means I am getting song after song that I had previously unchecked.  Why do I have so much music I don’t like?)

Will had a ball with his cousins and getting a ton of gifts.  I am not sure he has even made it through all of them yet.  He did manage to get sick again too.  It was odd as he got sick 6-7 times in the morning, but before noon he was fine again.  It is likely his Martin genes to thank for the quick recovery, but maybe he just had too much candy, too little sleep, and too much running around.

(Aside number 2, there is nothing more pitiful than watching a 2.5 year old get sick to his stomach.  Probably one of the few times Will was serious.  He’d get sick and then tell me he was finished.  He was very tough through the short spell.)

It was great to see everyone again and see how much older all the nieces and nephews are getting.

My Wii Wii

We got a Wii for Christmas and Angie’s friend brought over some games for us to play since Wii Sports got old within a day.  Angie has been rocking out on Guitar Hero and forced me to play the bass in the co-op band.  We’re up to Medium, but Angie has broken from the band (The Martini’s) and gone solo (The Gigi’s).  I can’t blame her, I was totally holding her back.  She pick up a groupie though and when the upload finishes, I will show you how weird it is.

Although I tend to suck at GH, I am hoping I can get it together for Rock Band 2.  I “played” the drum set in high school and I am hoping to redeem myself on some level in RB2.

I’ve also been playing Mario Kart on the Wii with the wheels.  I miss the battle mode from the SNES version.  It seems like the current version is more chaotic and I seem to drive around forever without ever seeing another kart.  I’d go online and play, but I learned back in college there are guys that have all kinds of time to master the most mundane of things and they will kick your butt constantly.  I’d rather beat up on the computer and maintain my dignity.

House for Sale

We decided to meet with a realtor to decide how to go about selling our house.  Although we’re not entirely sure where Angie’s residency will be, it is slightly prudent since the majority of her choices were out of state.  I am slightly fearful of the whole thing.  I mean I did a lot to the house and I have a fear the realtor is going to say wtf did this?  Of course, the economy being in the tank doesn’t help.  So lots of anxiety on my part.  It is possible we’ll list the house and everything will work out fine, but I have years of being both pessimistic and cynical, so I can’t really reach that happy thought in my mind.

I just hope we can look back and think, remember that little house we had up in St Paul?  Angie insists she loves the house and for me its more like resentment.  Projects I never finished like I wanted and other projects I never started.  On the other hand, all of that vanishes with a new house.  It is like moving to a new job.  Sure you think you’ll start this one right and keep everything organized and all those bad habits you had in the past will go be the wayside because you have a fresh start, right?  Perhaps not, but the fresh start is nice nonetheless.

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  1. Jon,
    75 k bid for your house. Good for 24 hours.

  2. Jonny Rocket says:

    Thanks Charlie. It is good to know that if I am heading for financial ruin, my family is there to help me along the way.

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