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I like to ask myself rhetorical questions that I assume other people think when they come to the site and haven’t seen an update in almost a month. What a month is was too. With so much going on and so many little things happened it was hard to find anytime that I wasn’t exhausted or preoccupied with something else. I have a feeling my fingers will be pretty tired of typing after all of this is over.

As I mentioned earlier, Angie went to Indiana for the entire month of August.  It was just like any other rotation she has done for over the last year, only this time it was in Indiana.  Since residency is just around the corner (next year) and the only program in Indiana she is interested in only takes 4-5 residents, she thought it prudent to do a rotation there so they could meet her and she could meet them.  It sounds more complicated than it is, so if you think about it like an internship then it makes a lot more sense.  At any rate, the initial indications, which really mean nothing, were very positive.  It will really come down to interviews and match day (when the hospitals rank their preferred students and the students rank the hospitals they want to work for and a computer goes through the mess and assigns everyone).  Match day happens in March, so there is a bit of time before anything is final.

So Angie was there for two weeks before Will and I came down.  We went to the Como Zoo twice and ate some Zooper Food.  Will got a kick out of saying, “I want Zooper Food,” each time we went.  We finally saw the seal show they put on there and for being free, it was pretty good.  During the two weeks, I also worked on a mantel surround for my parent’s fireplace.  This fireplace has been sitting bare for years and my mom asked me to make something way back in May.  I “thought” I would work on it here and there and I “thought” I would have plenty of time to mess with it, but, of course, I hit a few road blocks.  The first was a tool problem.  I bought a different planer to make the rough wood I had smooth and the correct thickness and like I dink, I sold my old one immediately.  It took me about a week to get the new one tuned just right so I could hack down the wood and get some usable boards.  Then the first weekend that Angie was gone, the squeaking noise I had been hearing in the truck developed into a full blown water pump failure.

While a failed water pump isn’t a huge deal, the lack of time to work on it and the inability to drive anywhere suddenly made it a big problem.  I had to walk Will about 10 blocks to go to the parts store and of course they didn’t have everything that I needed.  That was on a Sunday and since the truck wouldn’t be fixed, I had to come up with some kind of transportation for Monday.  I ended up and rode Will to daycare and rode on into work.  Luckily, a friend of mine took me to the dealer to get the last part I needed and then drove me home (since I had been up late the night prior and I felt I would be up late again, I was worried that riding home would just completely wipe me out and I would fall asleep working on the truck).  At any rate, i had the new water pump on the truck before 10 pm that night and everything seemed to be just fine.  Given that I was going to be driving the truck more than 1000 miles in the coming weeks, I was actually happy it happened when it did.  It would have been nice to have Angie’s car around, but we made due and now I know with a little plastic removed from the front end of the truck, I can literally climb inside the engine compartment.

So it was back to the mantel for a few nights and then suddenly it was time to think about packing and getting on the road.  I loaded up the laptop with movies and drive was uneventful.  We stopped at my parents house before heading down to Indy to unload some tools and the mantel (which was in parts) and then we headed down to Indy.  The time spent in Indiana was divided up between visiting some local attractions, like the zoo and the Children’s museum, visiting family, and watching SpongeBob SquarePants.  Other than Will pulling a table on top of him and cutting his eye, the week went pretty smooth.  We drove back and waited out the rest of the work week for Angie to arrive last Saturday (which she did and even came with a fresh speeding ticket).

We survived the month and things are getting back to normal.  Angie doesn’t have any more over night rotations and other than upcoming interviews around the country, everything should be kind of normal.  I got back to some house projects and finally got some siding on my garage.  I am sure most of the neighborhood was rejoicing.  Its been less than a year since I started renovating the whole outside of the garage, so that is rather fast for me.  When its all said and done, the only thing that will be “old” on that garage will be the concrete slab it sits on and the 2×4’s that hold it up.  Everything else, the sheeting, the siding, the overhead door, the opener, the service door, the roof, the wiring, the lights, etc, was all either replaced or added.  I only wish we were planning on staying in the house longer so I can justify finishing the inside and insulating it.

So while I was busy toiling away in 90 degree heat on my shop, Angie decided it was time for a new bed for us.  I suppose the bed that was given to me by a friend about 8-9 years ago had kind of worn out (although there was a year in college I didn’t sleep on it).  I insisted, and still do, that the box spings just needed to be replaced, reinforced, or removed and it would be just fine, but my pleas fell on deaf ears.  I should be happy she relented on wanting a new/different car.  At any rate, Angie bought a queen size set, so our current bed frame is too small.  Having wanted to make a bed for some time, I suppose now is my opportunity.

That petty much puts me up-to-date and tonight we have the ultrasound to find out the gender of the baby in Angie’s belly.  I did mention she was pregnant, right?

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