Almost a Little Boy

It is pretty crazy to think Will is almost two now.  I think the change from 1 to 2 is much more apparent than the change from 0-1.  He is doing everything from running and jumping to taking recycling out and asking for toast in the morning.  I am not sure if I even think of him as a toddler, just a little boy.  Angie went to yoga yesterday morning and Will and I put our coats on and went out to the garage.  I was just cleaning and picking things up and he helped when could, but mostly I think he just wanted to play with the tools.  The garage isn’t exactly the greatest play land in the metro area, but will loves the tools.  I am not sure if it is their intrinsic danger that attracts him or what, but if you just give him a flash light and show him how to turn it on, you’ll be lucky to get it back within the hour.

Almost Another Joe Somebody

Angie and I went out yesterday afternoon and saw Juno, sans Will.  Although I was extremely reluctant to see the film it was decent.  It probably boosted its ratings with its name dropping of MN towns and cities.  It turns out the film was shot entirely in Canada, despite mentioning Stillwater, the Rosedale Mall, and St. Cloud.  It slightly explains why some of the traveling and various scenes in the movie didn’t quite add up; however, if you’re not from the Twin Cities, I doubt you would even notice.  Even though I relented on Juno and decided it was worth seeing, I’d still like to see There Will be Blood and No Country for Old Men.  Neither, I think, are Angie’s type of film and since she is… -well if you know, then you know, if not you will have to wait-she can pull rank on me.  (If you’re looking to soak in some real MN scenery, I would suggest Joe Somebody or even The Mighty Ducks.  Both excellent films, in my opinion.)

Almost Undefeated

I have tended to shy away from commenting on current affairs because, honestly, who really cares what I think?  It is not like I am getting paid to tell you enlightening things like “The Giants D really stepped up.”  You can read all of that at ESPN.  I was just going to comment the Patriots last two losses were the AFC championship and the Super Bowl.  Not bad when you consider many teams would love to reach those points, but it has to sting to come that close twice and go home empty handed.

I honestly can’t comment on the game that much.  It had started before Angie and I got home and I was watching the recording and only caught up in the last two minutes of the game.  Recording football games is an excellent use of time.  My tivo-like device jumps ahead 30 seconds with the skip button, so as soon as the play is over you can basically skip over the bad angle replays and poor commentating and jump right to the next replay.  You never really get into watching the game because you end up managing the controller the entire time, but you can watch an entire game in about 45 minutes (unless its the Super Bowl and you want to see the slightly racial salesgenie commercials).

Almost Patched

The photo is probably still on the front page here, but along with the mudding of the basement closet, I patched up the light switch in the stairwell.  The patch is somewhat hard to see with the small photo, but since patching plaster stands out anyway, it wasn’t worth being that careful.  I did see on an HG-TV program where they had this spray can that added plaster like texture to a wall, so I might give that a try and see how it looks.

The stairwell needs a few more touch ups and some small storage cabinets built, but other than that it is ready to paint.  I do need to fix the door too.  Long before we moved in, the door’s hinges had been pulled out of the wall and there is no stop on the door frame to keep the door from being push too far close.  Someone had a great idea of running huge long bolts into the wall, which do help hold the door up, but the heads stick out and do not allow the hinge to close fully.  I know it is all a bunch of “blah, blah” to most and the short of it is that you literally have to lift the door to close it, and even they its a tough friction fit.  I am hoping my idea for a fix works, because I honestly don’t want it to turn out to be a whole weekend project.   But, other than all those things, its practically done!

Almost Done

I uploaded photos from Will and I’s visit to the UWA last week.  There are also some new old videos uploade, along with the standard basement and Will photo updates.

As it turns out, my camera will no longer shoot videos.  I am pretty sure I am going to get the nice expensive camera I have been lusting after for years, but it doesn’t shoot video.  That might be something I just let die, or we might get another cheapie point & shoot for small type videos.

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2 Responses to Almost

  1. Laura says:

    I hope the loss stung for the stupid Patriots. I was so happy they lost, poor losers that they are! GO Giants! Can’t believe you are a fan.

  2. Jonny Rocket says:

    I can’t really say I am a fan, I was pretty indifferent to the loss. Although I was sure on the Giants final drive Eli was going to lay an egg. Either way, I am sure his brother was thinking “It would have been totally cool for us to win and beat the pats and play my brother in the Super Bowl. I should make a commercial about that.”

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