All Kinds of Time

Let’s take a moment to reflect on recent events…


Yep, gas hit basically $4/gallon recently, and I damn near freaked.  Last week, I rode my bike to work twice, which actually does help offset my driving substantially.  Angie was picking up Will from daycare, so I was only responsible for dropping him off.  It worked out well for the time being even on Friday when I hit some crazy headwinds coming home and probably only averaged 10-12 mph.  Big cars and trucks would zoom past me and the extra wind being forced around their vehicle would almost bring me to a stop.

Angie moved on to a new rotation where she basically works from sunup to sundown, so I can’t rely on her to pick up Will for the next few weeks, but in July I might be able to ride in 2-3 times per week.  I am becoming more and more curious of how fast I can go now without a 10 pound pack, a 20 pound trailer, and a 30 pound kid attached to my rear wheel.

Dad’s Day

Even though I spent a lot of time working on the garage last Sunday, Angie convinced me to go to an indoor water park with Will.  It turned out to be a lot of fun mainly because it wasn’t too busy, but also because the little water park is completely geared towards kids.  I don’t think one section of the pool was deeper than 4′.  For Will’s age, there was a nice area that was basically ramp that went into the pool.  He could walk in as far as he liked and splash around.  He became bolder as he got use to the water and eventually started jumping around and riding down the shipwreck slide.

I didn’t get my dad anything, or at least that thought ran through my head last Saturday.  Then I remembered all the tools in my garage that are either gone and/or are going to go to him.  He has or will have from me, a Delta Double Duty Lathe, a Delta lunchbox planer, an Akins handsaw, a very nice cabinet saw, and probably a small stash of wood and maybe my metal lathe.  I am also going to make a surround for his fireplace, so I am saving him a little work too.


I put a new service entry door on the garage, so one of the last “hard” parts is finished.  I just need to find time to tear off the rest of the siding and get the stupid thing sided.  With two weekends left in the month, I am shooting to have it finished by the end of June.

Number 2

I guess sometime around Jan 20th, Will is going to have a brother or a sister.  So there it is, my drop dead date for all house projects.  I think once Angie starts showing, Will will really get into it.  He already calls the ultrasound photo a “lion”.  I am hoping for just hoping for a healthy kid, but I won’t complain if this one loves to sleep.

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  1. Zach and Darci says:

    Congratulations on the soon-to-be addition to your family! Be sure to let us know when you’re in Indiana this summer.

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