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April sucked.  Snow or rain every Friday and May seems to be on the same track.  Some brief comments that will cover a variety of topics:


I can’t believe next Friday I will start gutting the bathroom.  Angie and I need to nail down some final details for the bathroom plan and I need to finish buying supplies.  Fortunately, Angie is between rotations this weekend, so she should have no excuse to put me off.


I really killed my old camera last weekend.  If you remember, the movie function gave up the ghost some time ago, and then over the weekend I was moving some heavy equipment with the camera forgotten in my pocket and I crushed the LCD screen in the back.  It was a pain to use, but it was still useful by looking through the tiny view finder.  That worked for about 10 more photos then the lens would no longer retract.  It will beep at me and flash some lights now, but other than that it is pretty much dead.

Since I’ve never bought a digital camera, I asked my brother and sister-in-laws for advice and settled on the Canon SD1000.  It is a generation old, but it was cheap and overnight shipping it was cheap.  It kind of drives me nuts not having a camera on hand.  For the few months, I have just been wishing I could record some videos of Will or more recently, take some photos of the tools being rebuilt.  In any case, I think this new camera is going to get a workout this weekend.

Last Weekend

So about that heavy equipment I was moving…  I have met a few guys that have similar interests in restoring older machines and one has basically having a giant garage sale to thin his inventory and get some more floor space back.  About 12 guys showed up and there were lots of exchanges of machines.  Many guys (like me) already had deals in place and this was the perfect time to exchange machines and look through more stuff.  I picked up an 8″ jointer, a lathe, a smaller motor, and a bearing press which are big machines for me, but were nothing compared to other machines moving.  A few needed a forklift for loading/unloading, but most just needed a gantry crane.

Machine Rebuilds

Even though I promised not to talk about it much, I am getting pretty close to getting my 1949 Unisaw rebuilt.  I have the motor ready to go and I finished rebuilding the saw arbor earlier this week.  Last night I spent a few hours stripping down the cabinet and got a coat of primer on it.  There are still some miscellaneous parts to strip and paint, but the cabinet is the biggest/hardest part to do.  I should have it finished up this weekend, which means parts can start going back in.

I’d really like to get it done before my dad gets here, one so he can see it and use it and two because I don’t really want anything to distract me during the bathroom remodel.

30 Rock

I won’t say 30 Rock is my favorite show, but watching Alec Baldwin makes sitting through the rest of the show worth it.  Last night he made a reference to leaving GE (the Cindy Crawford of corporations) to lie down with a “tramp” like 3M and I nearly split my side laughing.  It pissed off Angie because she is hyper-sensitive to noise when Will is sleeping, but it was mostly entertaining because that is exactly what happened with our former CEO.  He didn’t get the top job at GE and jumped ship to join 3M.

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  1. Nice rant about 3M. I did catch that episode and found it hilarious as well.

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