A Slow Response

This is how busy I am: I have been relegated to writing my blog on my own time. Gone are the days of reflecting on the weekend early Monday morning and composing a thought-provoking, comical entry. Now I am trying desperately to recall two week old events and come up with something meaningful to say. (As a side note, I am writing this in my cafeteria with 3 women sitting beside me discussing their teenage sons and how different they’ve become of late. Extremely humorous to say the least.)

Anyway, so the last few weeks have been filled with cooking for me. I completed my five course Christmas present cooking class and have emerged as a certified know-it-all. The five classes were divided into four subjects and a graduation class. The subjects covered were fish, vegetables, soups, and meat. All were filled with incredibly useful information and I think I ended the class with a binder full of about 70 recipes (which I promptly destroyed when I left it on top of the car last weekend on my way to the grocery store). I have attempted several of the recipes at home with mixed results. I enjoyed all of the dishes, but my better half has a slightly more refined palate and didn’t care for my lamb stew or bacon wrapped spinach. I may start posting recipes that generally go over well just to document them should they get left on top of the car again.

In Will news, he officially reached 3/4’s of a year old yesterday. He is in the 50th percentile for weight, 60th for height, and 90th for head size. Yeah, he defiantly gets that from his mom… He has become extremely mobile and playful. He loves to show you his tongue and how he can make farting sounds on your skin. He also loves to knockdown towers you build with his blocks (it is a surefire way to get him to stay in a particular room) and he loves to play with Hank’s stuffed bone. He mostly just waves it around and waits for Hank to snatch it out of his hands, but you could sense his disappointment when Hank was at the groomers and was unable to heeds Will’s call for him, “Hey, hey… ckkk.” It was pretty sad to watch.

I’ve got some other things I need to cover, but those will have to wait a few more days. Lunch is over and I have to get back to the grind.

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