4 Years or Thereabouts

Happy Anniversary

Yesterday was Angie and I’s 4th wedding anniversary.  Oddly enough, we couldn’t exactly recall what we had done in years past (and even more oddly I never mentioned it in the blog).  Aside from remembering she was pregnant on the first anniversary, so we didn’t have steak and wine, and going to an Apple Orchid each year, I guess we never did anything that exciting.  This year we decided to branch out a bit.  Our daycare provider offered to let Will stay late, so Angie and I went out to nice early dinner.  I had seen the Heartland Restaurant voted as the best Restaurant in St Paul a few times in our local City Pages, so I thought we’d give it a shot.  We were the first patrons to arrive and the only ones for some time (I had real need to explain that we had a son waiting on us and that’s why we were eating so early), but the staff didn’t seem to mind.  They played with the lights that consistently flickered throughout dinner and also offered us an amuse bouche.

The dinner was very good and somewhat interesting.  Mine started with an interesting wild boar kidney concoction, then a very good veal roast, followed by a raspberry desert that was just awesome.   In fact, if the whole meal was terrible, the desert would have more than made up for it.  Angie started with a very interesting looking salad, followed by a risotto, and finished up with a cheesecake desert.  Again the desert was excellent.  I think we both enjoyed the break from over the top, see how much you can fry meals that you get from the chain restaurants and it was nice to spend a little dough and not have a huge steak (not that I mind a nice steak house).  All the food is sourced locally and the menu changes daily, weekly, as the seasons dictate etc.  So going back and getting the same thing twice is probably unlikely.  There are still a boat load places we’d like to try, so I don’t know if we’ll get back there or not, but it did leave us with a good impression.

Bow Before Me

For I am employer…

It occurred to me the other day as I was pressing my badge to the scanner to exit 3M that all the scanners are situated about hip height throughout the complex.  Considering it is corporate policy to wear your badge higher than hip height, I found it odd the scanners are placed so low.  You could argue they are placed there for handicap people, but given the amount of stairs before or after some of the scanners, I doubt anyone in a wheel chair will be using those doors.  I doubt if it is intentional, but I certainly get the feeling I am suppose to bow or genuflect before entering or exiting the corporation.  I would only worry if they started mounting the corporate logo after all the doors.

Market Crash

Yep the markets are in the tank.  I don’t find it exactly funny that my 401k is down something like 30% for the year, but I do find it funny how all the news sites come up with photos of stressed investors.  For all we know that guy is running on 2 hours of sleep and is making a boat load of money shorting the Dow.  Perhaps his wife just called him for the 5th time to remind him to bring home some milk.  Or perhaps his ear piece just zapped him again.  The possibilities are endless.

White Monolith

IMG_0568You may or may not have been paying attention, but in the last part of the summer I finished siding the garage.  I am happy that another one of my biggest eyesores is complete.  Well, it is mostly complete.  I have to finish installing the gutter on the west side and maybe touch up some paint here and there, but mostly it is done.  It is big and white, but I think it looks a million times better than the rotted blue junk that was on it before.  I am also excited to note that the west side no longer leaks water into the garage floor either.  I put some flashing on that side to protect the sheeting and what not and it appears to be doing a decent job of it.

I’ve also started arrange/cleaning up the inside to make room for Angie’s car.  Finally having all the OSB sheets out, the siding out and all the trim boards out makes it much easier to move things around.  Unfortunately for me, I have gained a few more machines here and there and what space I have is being soaked up rather quickly.

Wrap Up

I think that is about it.  We’ve really only got a few more months in this house, so Angie and I are really picking and choosing what we are going to start/do next.  There are lots of little things I would like to do throughout the house, but I will have to leave that for someone else to decide.  Also with another little boy on the way, we really have to get some things wrapped up before hand.

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