3 Carseats in a VW Jetta

Well my first few weeks in my new job have gone fast. I got promoted from 2 boys to 3, so someone in corporate must have thought I was ready for the extra responsibility. Somehow along the way, I managed to convince Angie to drive the big, broken truck to work and let me keep the Jetta. Its amazing, how much easier it is to get the boys in and out of the Jetta vs the truck, but the truck offers a little more room side to side. In the Jetta they are crammed in there, but Will and Leo can climb in by themselves and Will can at least put his seat belt on himself too. In the truck I basically have to load them one at a time, move seats around to get in the back, etc.

Finn is starting to smile more each day, but it also means he can cry harder, louder, and longer too. I think he is a little unsure of what to make of me. On one hand I feed him and play with him and in the next instant I am yelling at the two older boys to stop whacking each other in the face with pillows. I think it is a bit Jekyll and Hyde for him and leads to confusion. In fact, there is all kinds of confusion. Will cries when Leo gets in trouble, Finn cries when Will or Leo gets in trouble, but Leo only cries if he is in trouble. Suffice it to say, there is a lot of crying going on now days.

Finn is also not the best traveler in the car. He can make it about 3 lights before a complete meltdown occurs. I am not sure why he hates it that much and he never seems to mind it as much when Angie is in the car, but it kind of discourages me from doing anything. Yesterday’s big outing was to get gas, stop at the post office, and grab lunch. Luckily, Will and Leo are happy to chase each other around for hours at a time.

I’ve finally completed something out in the shop. I’ve been kicking around a large vise for some time. Since the rain finally let up this past Memorial day weekend, I pulled the parts out, wire wheeled them, and got some paint on them. Now I just need to figure out how to mount it.

It looks rather stately I think.

I am still working on the bunk beds for the boys. I was making great progress right up until Angie went back to work. Now that I am bouncing Finn all day or changing diapers all day, I am really tired at 10pm. So the few hours that I am use to working at night are pretty much gone. We’re also waking up about an hour earlier than normal too.

From early Feb, I am down 12 pounds, from last year I am down 17. Official weight this morning is 179.5. I’d show the chart that I start tracking with, but it is kind of silly. I’ve only ridden 116 miles since Feb too. In my defense though, it has been rain cats and dogs a lot and we had some cold weather up until a few weeks ago.

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  1. Barbie Greer says:

    How do you fit 3 kids in your jetta? We have a 2001 Jetta that we would like to make work when our third one comes along. Our 10 month old is in an infant seat (Graco) and our 3 year old is in a toddler seat but we are wondering if it is possible to put three car seats in the back seat of the jetta. What car seats do you use?

    We would really like to make the Jetta work for us for at least two more years. Love the car and the money it saves us!

    Thanks for your help!

    Barbie Greer

  2. admin says:

    We use a booster seat + a seat belt extension for our 5 year old. He sits in the middle and with the seats crammed in there, it was impossible to get his seat belt on. I found the extension on e-bay for $40, I think.

    Our 2, almost 3, year old sits in a Combi Coccoro. The seat is only good up to 40 lbs, but it is very narrow, but it kind of reclines so his head doesn’t flop around when he goes to sleep in the car (something that happens in the truck often because the back seat is so straight up and down).

    Our youngest is in a rear facing Chicco Keyfit. I found out after doing a little digging is is a pretty narrow seat to begin with, so we didn’t have to replace anything.

    Good luck. I would have been happy to buy all new seats for all of them. A $500 investment in car seats is sure better than a car payment for 5 years.

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